Emerging Risk Knowledge Exchange Platform (ERKEP)

The Emerging Risk Knowledge Exchange Platform (ERKEP) is a prototype demo of the technical platform developed within the DEMETER project which aims to support current (and future) European Food safety Authority (EFSA) procedures for emerging issue and risks identification by providing a community resource that will allow EFSA and EU Member State authorities to share data, data mining knowledge and methods in a rapid and effective manner. A technical description of the system can be found here.

The ERKEP consists of a Content Management System (CMS) linked to a “KNIME server Workflow Hub” hosted at BfR. The ERKEP facilitates the exchange of data, models and knowledge but it also contains the main DEMETER deliverables produced.
The following can be found in the various tabs:


Visualization of data and outputs of KNIME workflows. An emerging risk identification system for the milk supply chain based on a holistic approach, automated data retrieval and processing using KNIME was developed by DEMETER. The system is presented to illustrate how outputs of KNIME workflows can be displayed in the Dashboard on the Content Management System (CMS) of ERKEP. A short introduction and a link to the system summary is provided. Through the dashboard options it the user may select country, driver and indicator and the historic results (updated until present date) including abnormalities that have occurred are shown in the figure.

Briefing note

Repository of emerging issues. Briefing notes are short documents developed by EFSA and its knowledge networks summarising information on an identified issue. In this section for a selection of Briefing Note, a short summary, link to the full text and meta-data are presented. All past updates and feedbacks related the Briefing note are shown for each Briefing Note. Outputs of KNIME workflows or other sources may be connected to a Briefing note. Updates to any emerging issue are displayed in events.


A list of files, each item linking to the meta-data about the file. Comments can be added in the user interface of a specific file.

Knowledge Hub

The CMS is a data/evidence/knowledge repository. DEMETER WP2 aim was to develop a methodology to systematically integrate information and data from social sciences or derived from social science methodologies, into the emerging risk identification framework. The ERKEP prototype includes a summary of a report on using citizen science for the identification of emerging risks. Contained within this summary are hyperlinks to the full report in which more information is provided on each of the specific topics.


Link to the “KNIME Server Workflow Hub” of BfR providing access to all the all KNIME workflows generated in DEMETER.